Teygon Erin Scholtz was born on the 18 June 2017 and what a blessed Iittle miracle is. She suffered sever oxygen deprivation and spent the very first few days of her life in NICU, where she was on an oxygen machine and drainage machines to help drain excess fluids. She was finally discharged in September of 2017 and this is when her real journey began.


Teygon was discharged with no medication and no explanation and we as her parents we were left in the dark about her condition, she has since been in and out of hospital for seizures. We had no milestone reached at 6 months, and at 8 months we went for a second opinion where an MRI was done and confirmed that our little angel has Cerebral palsy. With no prior knowledge about this we left the hospital heart broken with no clue as to what is going happen to our Angel. I started reading about Cerebral Palsy and tried my best to assist her to get the necessary treatment she needs. 

Teygon is a true warrior always proving doctors wrong, she had a major abdominal operation in 2018 and we were told her life span is very short and yet she proved them wrong yet again. Teygon was at her healthiest in 2019 and it is only by God's grace and mercy.


Teygon's smile, which she is very stingy with (lol) melts lots of hearts. She brings joy and love into our household we've learnt alot from her but we have mainly been taught to love and appreciate every moment with her . We pray and trust in God that 2020 will be her year of improvements in ways and she will be able to accomplish so many different things.