On 19 June 1999, Tarryn Rademeyer was born with Cerebral Palsy- spastic quad. A severe intellectual disability, epilepsy and has cortical blindness. All physical abilities are hindered due to spasticity and contractures which restricts her engagement in everyday life activities. She requires maximum support in all positions. She is non verbal (only able to make simple sounds), but smiles when her name is called, cries when wet (as she is dependent on nappies), or uncomfortable and focus on sounds and voices. She is able to respond when you call her name. 

At the moment our goals for her on a physical level is to minimize increased tone, to maintain physical posture and contractures through everyday physio and a buggy to assist/help with positioning and posture and also, to provide her with the correct positioning in side lying and prone lying.


On an intellectual and social level, to improve her sensory processing abilities thus encouraging her to use her senses to assist with her visual impairment and to improve her sensory processing abilities to such an extent that she will be able to respond better to touch and sound. She attends United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCPA) during the day to assist and help with all these challenges.

Our goal for Tarryn is to assist in raising funds to buy a bed for her, for home. Something similar to a hospital bed. She has a normal bed, its low, and restricted when lifting her to move or feed her. It will really benefit her when she lies down and also be moved upward to watch the other children play in the room, feeding time and get a different view when not in her buggy.