Events Co-Ordinator

My name is Linda Hedley and I am interested in an opportunity to work in the Caitlin Douman's Foundation, where I can help the foundation raise funds and draw attention to its cause.


For the last couple of years, I worked as a volunteer for The REC and ROAR Wellness Centre. I learned many valuable skills during this time and succeasfully obtained a certificate as a Recovery Coach specialising in substance abuse. My contribution at the Wellness Centre reaffirmed my desire to make a contribution in society as it relates to working in a non-profit environment.  In my role at the centre I was responsible for raising funds as we did not receive any Government grants.

Our fundraising initiatives included hosting market days, and stage productions with the help of Mr. Zane Meas. These were very successful initiatives.

In addition to my skills mentioned here, other qualities that enable me to add value in an organisation is my ability to participate in planning and executing events, fundraising and participating in activities that advance the agenda of the organisation. 

I am enthusiastic, dedicated and am creative. I believe that my contribution to the foundation will help the organization reach more people and gain more support while building strong relationships with your current sponsors.

I have excellent time management skills with the ability to stay organized and work efficiently as part of a group.