Poison intoxication 



Jade burned his oesophagus by way of ingesting poison accidentally. Doctors performed surgery on Jade by replacing his oesophagus tube with his reconstructed appendix which allows him to swallow.   Another operation is required in order for him to regain his swallowing ability but this necessitates that he weighs at least 50 kg. His current weight sits at 15 kg and the additional weight required can only be gained by him being placed on Fresubin High Fibre supplements. The challenge that we are faced with is that these supplements are pricey, this is the only plausible solution at this juncture. Jade’s quality of life is hugely impacted on by his frail state and having the surgery done now will be detrimental to his life. 

Since 2013 he has undergone several operations in an attempt to restore the use of his esophagus. A A small incision has been made in his oesophagus but this is not for feeding but rather to ensure that he retains his sense of taste. the liquids then seeps from the incision.

A Secondary Peg (Gastrostomy – ha been inserted into his stomach through the abdominal wall, to provide a means of feeding as oral intake is not viable). Anything which a normal individual can consume orally, can be administered through the peg after it has been liquidised.

There is a remarkable difference in his health when liquid protein and fibre foods are being administered. Jade shows extreme gain in his weight.  

A Box of fibre foods (500ml per unit )costs about R1200.00 and this equates to a very costly exercise as Jade consumes 2 litres per night.

 2 years ago, Jade still attended school despite his health condition, but now his afraid to even go outside to play due to him being afraid of injuring himself. 

The procedure is paramount in his recovery but he needs to gain the necessary weight and the family desperately needs assistance in this regard.

Jade’s only wish is to visit a mall but it’s impossible in his current condition.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated in saving this young man’s life.