Elia Barclay celebrated his crown birthday on the 17 September 2019, when no 1 thought that he would be with us beyond 6. Elia started living with his Gran I'm 2016 when he lost both his parents within 8 months of each other. Elia's story is not very different to many other kids who are Cerebral Palsied. His gran is 75 years old and it's difficult for her to get around with Elia, so they spend most of their time indoors.

Elia has outgrown his current wheelchair that was gift to him by Wesbank in 2017. The wheelchair needs to be made from spec as Elia's spinal column is malformed and because of this his never really comfortable...

But with All of that said, his sprite and his eyes tell you a story of a fighter, that no words can ever express.

His facial expressions,tell you that he understands you and also that we are lucky that he can't verbalize his thoughts...

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