Abigail Brink was born 11 June 1999, at Coronation Hospital, she was a full term baby. No complications during pregnancy. She was a healthy baby, she suffers with chronic chest infections and has problems with her eyesight, besides this, Abigail doesn't have any other conditions associated to DownSyndrome. She goes twice a year for check ups.

Abigail was 7 years old when she attended Wings of a Dove creche and then attended Joshua school. She attended Joshua School in Lenasia. Abigail loves singing, dancing, watching TV, loves food and modeling, to such an extent that she changes her clothes 6 times a day. Abigail loves being neat and tidy on ther self. Her favourite meal is Pilchards and pap. Her sister Tiffany is her role model.

Abigail turned 21 this year and is a very pleasant young lady that loves people and loves life.