Dhevan SWARTZ (aka Bobo) was born 1st of Feb 2004 with Down syndrome. He had many health challenges at birth and he spent most of his first few years in and out of hospital. But Gods grace carried him through. Later on life, he was diagnose with thyroid and asthma but he is doing well. He attends school by Don Matera school. He went to nursery and primary school with Nathaniel Julies (RIP) and they were the best of friends.

Beverley says that Dhevan is a wonderful young man, we could not imagine our family without him. He loves to dance and enjoys music and likes to look good all the time, just like any teenager. He is loved by his family, friends and community.

The Caitlin Douman Foundation had the honor of meeting Bobo during our feeding programs during Lockdown Level 4 and 3 and since then Bobo became part of our family at the foundation. He is always full of smiles, good vibes and loads of love which he freely gives when he sees you.