Chloe Keisha Kelly was born on the 18th April 2009 with the weight of 3.1kg Chloe was born normal and was a strong big baby. Chloe at three months became just like a rag doll out of nowhere. My mom mentioned to me which milestones Chloe was supposed to be achieving like sitting and lifting herself. My mom expressed her concern and told me to take Chloe to hospital... Chloe was seen by 13 pediatricians and still no one could tell us what was wrong. We then needed a walker and splints which cost us R 35 000. We were blessed to get sponsorship for this and when we took Chloe to be measured for the walker, the guy that measured her for the walker, told me 'your child is Cerebral Palsy as someone dropped her or put her down too hard.'

This was the beginning of an emotional journey but now I'm a very proud mommy of Chloe.

Chloe had an eye operation done when she was 4 years old. We traveled back and forth to Baragwanath hospital, first they gave her glasses and i said no ways my girl does not need glasses cause she use to walk in the walls with her walking ring. Currently Chloe is currently spectacle free and her squint is as straight as normal. I was told Chloe will only live till 7 years old and at 7 she became gravely ill, I prayed and that year i could not stop praying like I don''t stop praying now.

Don't always believe the reports of the doctors, stay focused and get to know your child. Chloe is now 10 years old bright and beautiful still does not walk unaided or talk, but she will get there with the grace of the Almighty. Chloe could not do anything but now she keeps stuff she tries to reach and take, she sits on her own, she walks with support. My mommy assisted me fully with Chloe and helped her get this far... Don't give up on your gift! Fight for them! They are blessings and our God is behind us fully...


God bless u all
Bronwyn Kelly mother of Chloe