Operations Manager

Beulah Maitin, is married with 2 beautiful daughters aged 18 and 25. 

I'm the 3rd eldest of 4 children. I started working at TSA (Unisa) in 1990, as a receptionist at the Rectorate. I was employed there for 10 years. I later worked at Edu-Loan and assisted students with study loans, I worked in the Marketing department, my responsibility was marketing and events. 


I have always been passionate about people and kids in particular. I was recently retrenched and started my own.

I heard about Jade Anderson and his situation and my sister and I reached out to him and his family to assist where we could and this just shed more light on the countless children in this community who are in need of assistance.


Joining The Caitlin Douman Foundation was the next logical step and has allowed me to do more for the kids in this community. Covid 19 put my fund raising skills to the test but with perseverance and team work we managed to keep to our mandate.  I also run a Feeding  scheme where we feed approximately 120 kids during the week.

 Assisting children is my passion and when I can provide for or assist kids that are differently abled, I feel fulfilled.


It's not easy finding wheelchairs and buggies,sometimes we have to deal with dire and heart wrenching situations, but we persevere knowing that it's for the greater good.


 The Foundation really inspired me to do more, and to be the effective change in the lives of kids and families living with disabilities.

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