Why Did God Give Me a Child with Special Needs?

I have learned to lean on God—hard—to get us through the difficult days. I have learned to LOOK UP to God instead of looking at my circumstances. And I find that after all of the trials, year after year and minute by minute, we have survived 18years. God has proven that He is faithful. God is in control.

Living with a child with special needs was a great journey. Yes, there were impossibly hard days, but also some amazing victories.

The truth? If you can believe me…I wouldn’t trade my rock-filled path with anyone. Looking back on it all, I would never ask for another mom’s road.

So we come full circle, back to the original question: Do you know why I personally, truly, and honestly think God gave me a cerebral palsied child? Are you ready for this? If so, here is my answer:

I think He gave me Caitlin because He really, really loves me. He wanted me to discover just how faithful He really is. He wanted to give me a gift that no man could take away: A special knowledge of the power, strength, holiness, faithfulness, might and wisdom of God that only comes from NEEDING HIM DESPERATELY.

I believe that it is my answer. I also believe that is why He gave you a child with special needs. Because He really loves you, and He wants to show you just how much.

Most importantly, God is very able to help you and your sweet child. Not only is He able, but He desires to surround you with His strength, patience and love. He’s proven that love by giving us an inheritance of promises that we can count on to make it through the hard days. Better still, God sent the very best Advocate (John 14:16 and 1 John 2:1) we could ever want for our child! This Advocate is one that we don’t have to seek out. He knows everything about our children: their innermost thoughts, the words they say (or cannot say), and the structure of every cell in their body.

This Advocate hears our children when they cry and whispers comforts to them on long, restless nights. He is the voice that they do not have. The Peace that they seek. The arms that never tire, even when our own arms, as parents, do. He sits at the right hand of Almighty God and has His Father’s ear. He knows that we will encounter trials and hardships, but He has already overcome them, promising rest, guidance and wisdom when we need it.

Our Advocate—Jesus—longs to help you! I know, because He helped me, and He helped Caitlin. 

He was there when I’d had enough. He listened when I felt lost and alone in a crazy, messed up world with a child I didn’t know how to communicate with. When I would have given up, He promised a better day for Caitlin … and for me.

I am convinced that God’s ears quicken to the sound of a troubled child’s cry. I know that He listens to every prayer that rises from the lips of a mother. I know that He is for us.

Our Advocate is standing by. 

Know that God will honor every promise, and I mean every promise, that Scripture gives to His children. I want you to know that you can have joy again, overflowing, spilling out, and never running dry… if you will surrender your cares to Him. It won’t happen in a day, but trust me, it will happen.

The truth is that we are blessed to love a special needs child. Blessed to experience the beauty of that love.

Yes, that’s what I wanted to tell you.

Marcelle - Mother of Caitlin Douman called to higher power on 24 October 2016