The Caitlin Douman Foundation was started from the passion that 2 people have for Children with Disabilities, but also for righting the wrong perceptions that government and society have with regards to the above mentioned.

These individuals pooled their resources when it came to acquiring the necessary intellectual capital to ensure that the entity was well balanced and that the appropriate skills were readily available within the Foundation.

Our bevy of beauties have experience, skills and tenacity to ensure that the mandate of this Foundation, is not just met but surpassed.

Our need to address the lack that people with disabilities  have to endure, the fact that they are treated as a burden instead of as members of society who are entitled to the same rights that abled bodied individuals are privy to.

From neglect inflicted at the hands of government departments and health workers to disrespect at the hands of society at large. People with Disabilities need a voice and that is what this Foundation will address and strive to rectify.

As a NPO, our endeavour is largely Funded by Corporate Sponsorship and Fundraising. We have identified other means to generate capital that will maintain and sustain the foundation, however there are cost implications and specialised services that we will need assistance with.


For additional information, you can contact the Marcelle on 065 909 2481 or info@thecaitlindoumanfoundation.org.za


Thanking you in advance.

Yours in Service

Marcelle Daniels

President / Co-Founder

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